9/20/17: Thank you, one and all, for participating in this year's At-Home Division. We have suspended sales of this year's puzzles. Standings for the At-Home Division will be posted this week. Also, questions about errors from the live tournament are being addressed this week as well.​

8/19/17: Lollapuzzoola 10 was held on Saturday, August 19. Thank you, one and all, for making Lollapuzzoola 10 such a thrilling experience. Congratulations to our assorted champions — Express Division winner Andy Kravis, Local Division winner Simon McAndrews, Pairs Division winners Michael Sharp and Penelope Harper, Rookie Division winner Matthew Gritzmacher, and Worst Handwriting winner Chris King.

Mark your calendars now for Lollapuzzoola 11! We're targeting Saturday, August 18 (which is a Saturday in August).

Brian Cimmet and Patrick Blindauer, Lollapuzzoola co-everythings