Lollapuzzoola 8 is on Saturday, August 8th -- which is a Saturday in August.

BREAKING NEWS: If you're new to Lollapuzzoola, this is what it's all about. We make a bunch of original, clever, brilliant crossword puzzles. You solve them and have a blast. Everyone wins.

On August 8th in New York City, we have a live tournament. You can sign up for that. (And if you go to that, you can either compete or if you don't like the pressure, simply take your unfinished puzzles with you in a to-go cup.) At the live event, you can compete solo or in a pair, you can participate in bonus team games, and if you're feeling social, you can stick around after the show for some pizza. All of this begins at 10:00am at All Souls Church (1157 Lexington Ave. at 80th St.).

But what if I'm not in New York City? We got you covered. From August 9-22, you can participate in our At-Home Tournament -- which means you get the same great puzzles via email. And if you like competition, you can submit your scores and results for a chance to win the fabled At-Home Division crown.

From this page, we can accept payment via PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account to sign up -- they accept one-time credit card payments through their site. And if you don't like online purchases, just email us at, and we'll work out something else.


For additional information (when it becomes available), join us on our general Facebook page, our Facebook event page, or follow us on Twitter.

(Pictured here are left-handed Patrick Blindauer on the left, and right-angled Brian Cimmet on the right. They are the co-everythings of Lollapuzzoola.)
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