LPZ8 will be on 8/8. (That's a Saturday in August.)

Lollapuzzoola 7 is in the history books. Folks competing in the At-Home Division have until Saturday, August 23 to submit scores to us by email — but sadly, we can no longer offer the puzzles for sale.

 Our thanks to everyone who participated this year (and even to those still participating from home!), and we hope to see you all next summer at Lollapuzzoola 8.

The "Standings" link above currently shows unedited standings from the tournament. We'll be revising them (as we discover corrections), and adding the At-Home solvers within the next week or so. 

In the meantime, join us on our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.

(Pictured here are left-handed Patrick Blindauer on the left, and right-angled Brian Cimmet on the right. They are the co-everythings of Lollapuzzoola.)
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