Lollapuzzoola 7 will be on Saturday, August 9. That is a Saturday in August.
We will be returning to All Souls Church in New York City this summer for the seventh annual incarnation of the greatest crossword tournament ever held on a Saturday in August.

We are pleased to announce our constructor lineup for this summer's tournament. In order from tallest to shortest (except where we couldn't confirm height): Tony Orbach, Mike Nothnagel, Doug Peterson, Patrick Blindauer, Patrick Berry, and Cathy Allis. Home run puzzles from each of them, we guarantee it!

Prices are the same — $25 per person, add $5 for pizza. If you solve from home, you get the PDF version of Lollapuzzoola for just $10.
Registration Choices

In the meantime, join us on Facebook (our Lollapuzzoola 7 event page, or our community page) or Twitter.

(Pictured above are left-handed Patrick Blindauer on the left, and right-angled Brian Cimmet on the right. They are the co-everythings of Lollapuzzoola.)
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